Everything Made Has a Maker

Everything Made Has a Maker

But evidence for God is not confined to the design of our bodies; it’s also spread across the heavens.

Leave the lights of the city and go out into the country. Look up into the night sky. That milky cloud beyond the stars that we call the Milky Way is really a galaxy, or island universe, of billions of blazing suns similar to our sun. In fact our sun and its planets are a part of the Milky Way.

Now look at the Andromeda star group. See that hazy oval of light. Under a telescope it becomes another spiral galaxy, and like our Milky Way it is composed of billions of giant suns.

Andromeda is but one of an estimated one hundred billion island universes that can be seen through giant telescopes. Astronomers tell us that some of these island universes are actually moving through each other at an incomprehensible speed, all perfectly balanced in space.

Somehow all this motion is synchronized. All the orbits within orbits proceed on track, on time. No wonder the psalmist concluded that the stars speak of a glorious Maker:


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